A workout plan to help stabilize your mental chaos.

By Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson

For me working out is linked to my mental stability, since the pandemic people’s routines have been shattered as has peoples mental health. I love the physical benefits obviously but for me they’re not as important as the mental. That being said, not sure how much worth is in comparing the two as they’re interlinked i.e. feeling physically stronger makes me feel like a more confident person. I wrote down a plan of how to start or keep working out at home without equipment. I’ve added hyperlinks to all of the strength exercises in case you’re not familiar.

Also important to note, I’m not a trained professional this is all based on my own experiences so feel free to comment if you have any questions, concerns or want to share your own tips.

Pre-workout food recommendations 

Oatmeal w/ half a banana chopped and/or berries or plain

A whole banana or 

A slice of whole/multigrain bread with peanut butter

Protein shake (I personally prefer this after a workout)


Might as well get stronger whilst in quarantine, i recommend these exercises 4-5 times a week. This isn’t super hardcore, you can adjust depending on your fitness level. The most important thing is getting into a routine of doing it. As your strength builds you can increase the amount of times you do each rep or add additional

Time: 10-30 minutes depending on your level

1 plank (depending on your strength level, start at 20 seconds and aim to get up to at least one minute)

Side plank (30 second each side)

3 x 12 leg raises 

3 x 12 bicycles 

3 x 20 squats 

3 x 12 arm raises with 2-5 pound weights (variations, if you don’t have weights do extra push ups, plank or side plank)

3 x 12 push ups

3 x 12 mountain climbers 

1 x bird dog (one minute alternating legs)


Time: Anything from 10-30 minutes id recommend

I’d recommend some variation of cardio either daily or at the very least 3 times of week. I think the distance matters less than the action, so even if your cardio is 10 minutes, the most important is just getting up and doing it as for me it’s more important mentally than physically.

If you’re a beginner running is so daunting and hard, I recommend starting slow with short distances so you can build up your stamina. Like I said previously, getting into the routine is the hardest so work on doing something rather than nothing even if it’s very minimal. I personally find running the most satisfying cardio, however it can be hard on people’s joints so if this is the case for you I’d recommend biking or walking.  These exercises are of course for outside, if you’re not allowed outside then I’d recommend doing these activities: high knees (running in place), jump rope or jumping jacks.

Cardio can be either:





*some running tips: I like to focus on my breathing a lot more than the distance I’m running, making sure your body has another oxygen strengthens your run, helps pass the time and is also meditative.


Time: 5-6 minutes

Make sure to stretch back (camel), abs (cobra), thighs, butt, hamstrings, arms

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