Our Expressed Commitment to the Palestinian People

Posted by dweller


In total solidarity with the Indigenous people of Palestine, who have suffered under the eliminationist violence of the Western imperial powers and the Zionist settler colonial regime for more than a century…

Dweller commits to adhering to the Palestinian international call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) and to complying with the guidelines of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI).

In our organizational and individual capacities as representatives of arts and culture institutions, we therefore commit to not cross the international picket line for Palestine. Specifically, we commit—where applicable—to:

  1. Boycott any cultural product commissioned by an official Israeli body;

  2. Boycott any cultural product funded by an official Israeli body, even if not commissioned;

  3. Boycott any cultural event that is partially or fully sponsored or funded by an official Israeli body;

  4. Refrain from participation in any form of academic and cultural cooperation, collaboration, or joint projects with complicit Israeli institutions, including suspension of all forms of funding and subsidies to/from these institutions;

  5. Refrain from hosting or circulating any events or cultural products that seek to “normalize” oppression, or which advance a false symmetry between oppressed and oppressor;

  6. Support Palestinian academic and cultural institutions directly without requiring them to partner with Israeli counterparts as an explicit or implicit condition for such support.

To assist in complying with this call, here are some examples of our commitments:

  • Not to lecture or perform at or in cooperation with complicit Israeli cultural institutions or events.

  • Not to extend recognition to complicit Israeli cultural organizations by exhibiting, presenting, and showcasing their work (e.g., films, installations, literary works).

  • Not to host a cultural event if it is partially or fully sponsored by an official Israeli body or a complicit institution.

  • Not to promote a cultural product (e.g., film, artwork, book) if it is commissioned by an official Israeli body or non-Israeli institution that serves Brand Israel or similar propaganda purposes.

  • Demand an end to institutional or university exchange programs or satellite campuses with Israel.

-Dweller Team