Dweller V Programming

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Feb 20

True Polar Wander

“annual opening ceremony to reorient ourselves after a year of roaming”

Actress, ALSOKNOWNASROX, S*an D. Henry-Smith, Tavish Timothy

Opening Celebration @ MoMA PS1, 7-10PM, Free w/ RSVP

Feb 21

Continental Drift

Actress, Edward George, more artists TBA

“experiments on how sound and sight know nothing of imagined borders”

Education Night @ Nowadays, 7-10PM, Free w/RSVP coming soon

Entering Quadrant 5

“legends of the underground..”

DJ Blackpower, Josey Rebelle

Opening Night @ Bossa Nova Civic Club, 10PM-4AM, Tickets

Feb 22

Afro-Atlantic Dub

“take a step back in time to the future”

Edward George, Embaci, Liv.e

Live Show @ Public Records, 7-10PM, Tickets

See the Jungle for the Trees

“speed is what you need”

Kush Jones and Tim Reaper

Club Night @ Public Records 10PM-3AM, Tickets

Absolute Music

“paint pictures on the dance floor”

Galcher Lustwerk and gum.mp3

Club Night @ Bossa Nova, 10PM-4AM, Tickets at the door

Curated Chaos

"a beloved gathering"

ASL Princess, Enfleshed (FKA Limitbreak!), Oneeleven, DOLLNXTDOOR, Archangel, :3LON (LIVE), Ms. Boogie (LIVE), Sissy Eliott, Naija Couture

Body Hack @ Nowadays, 10PM-Late, Tickets

Neptune Rising

“all night subnautical sonic assaults”

Upstairs: 1Morning, DJ Stingray 313, Memphy

Downstairs: BAE BAE and Ashley Venom

Club Night @ Paragon, 10PM-3AM, Tickets

Feb 23


“Do-Not-Miss” -New York Most

Maya Margarita

Live Show @ Paragon, 9-10PM Tickets


“wind your waist”

DJ Narciso, SCRAAATCH, Total XTC, DJ Lag, Kikelomo

Club Night @ Paragon 10PM-3AM, Tickets

A Special Request

“sub-bass extensions in the hardcore continuum reach NYC”

Coki, Livwutang, Sarra Wild

Club Night @ Nowadays, 10PM-Late, Tickets

404 Sunset

“threading with hope / atmospheric inspiration // soft haze”

A Space for Sound, KeiyaA, TAKA

Live Show @ Public Records, 7-10PM, Tickets

Love Goes On & On

“at home in house”

Colored Craig, NIKS, Russell E.L. Butler, Kai Alcé

Kai Alcé

Club Night @ Public Records 10PM-4AM, Tickets

10PM in Detroit

“full throttle for those who know”

Eden and HiTech

Club Night @ Bossa Nova, 10PM-4AM, Tickets at the door

Seafloor Spreading

“bottomless kaleidoscopic immersion”

“Vulgar & sexy” - New York Grimes

A.M.D, Sharlese, Charlton, Rroxymore, quest?onmarq

Merge @ Warehouse, 11PM-9AM, Tickets

Feb 24

A Long Cast Shadow (Selenelion)

“where the sun and moon are both audible” - NY Most

“the seismic shadow we’ve been waiting for” - DJ Rag

Theo Parrish, Patti Kane, Suzi Analogue Live, DJ Freedem, Zaida Zane, Donis, Batu, Beige

Nonstop @ Nowadays, 10PM-10PM, Tickets


"its bouncy"

Swami Sound and Martyn Bootyspoon

Club Night @ Bossa Nova, 10PM-4AM, Tickets at the door

Thunder Down Under

“techno at its molten core”

Daiyah, Robert Hood, Devoye, Shaun J. Wright, Miss Twink USA, Kilopatrah Jones

Club Night @ Basement, 10PM-6AM, Tickets

Hard Drama

“something a little different. feel the other side”

Authentically Plastic, DJ Miss Parker, Hook (live), LustSickPuppy (live), Princess Peggie, Shamel Pitts | TRIBE, Tati au Miel

Club Night @ Paragon, 10PM-3AM, Tickets

dweller World

“a hidden thing is more powerful than a visible one” -West African Proverb

Anysia Kym, HiTech, Pretty V & dav1d, Niontay, Liv.e, Salimata

Yung World x Dweller @ Cafe Erzulie, 7-9PM, Tickets

Dance Culture Definition Discussion with Sound Signature PT 1

Theo Parrish and Mike Rubin from Blank For

@ Nowadays, 5-7P, RSVP here

Feb 25

The Final Frontier

“a last embrace. Until next time…”

AK and Blackmoonchild

Bossa Nova Civic Club, 10PM-4AM, Tickets at the door