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Afropunk: Decolonizing Techno: Notes From a Brooklyn Dance Floor by Deforrest Brown\


Afropunk: “Why the Dweller Festival Matters” by Piotr Orlov

Afropunk: “Bring Black Womxn and Black People Back to Techno” by Piotr Orlov

Fact Mag:  “Watch a recording of Dweller Fest’s panel: Who does techno belong to?”

HangTime Magazine: “Dweller Festival Returns” by Ebony Anderson-Brown

High Snobiety: “How Dweller Is Giving POC’s a Space to Reclaim the Dance Floor” by Gyasi Williams Kirtley

Love Injection: Love Injection Fanzine 54 featuring Frankie Dezaiza Hutchinson cover story by Barbie Bertisch 

Resident Advisor: “RA Reviews: dweller 2020” by Kiana Mickles